Sc2gears™ Database Parsing Service Tester

This simple HTML page demonstrates how you can call the Sc2gears Database Parsing Service.
API calls are performed by simply submitting a form. Check the source code (right click => View Page source). Test calls count toward your available Ops quota.
More about the service: Parsing service. Check your API page: API User page

Info operation

API key:
Days count:

Map info operation

API key:
Map file name:

Parse replay operation

API key:
File length:
File content (Base64):
Use this link to convert files to Base64: Base64 encoder
Parse messages:
Parse actions:
If actions are parsed:
Send Select actions:
Send Build actions: Send Train actions:
Send Research actions: Send Upgrade actions:
Send Other actions: Send Inaction actions:

Profile info operation

API key: profile URL:
...OR... ID: sub-ID:
Player name:
Retrieve ext. prof. info:

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